Ultra-pure water filtration

Advice WaterTech uses the advanced technology ULTRA FILTRATION to filter seawater and brackish water up to 0.1 microns.

It may be used as a complete and absolute pre-treatment of seawater and brackish water before reverse osmosis, since it achieves excellent filtration quality φίλτρανση with minimal use of chemicals.

Advantages of using ULTRA FILTRATION system

  • Simple and compact system construction
  • Membrane long life
  • Extremely effective removal of bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals
  • Low power consumption

ULTRA FILTRATION technology has great results:

  • In the power industry as a pre-treatment stage of reverse osmosis
  • In the food industry to remove bacteria and viruses, acting as a reverse osmosis pre-treatment stage
  • In municipalities, to remove viruses and bacteria in drinking water


Ultrafiltration (UF) technology uses a membrane barrier to block particles as small as 0.01 microns, including bacteria, viruses and colloids. The advantages of UF compared to conventional treatment or filters are high durability and improved water quality at a low cost.

Our company uses top quality products of DOW – IntegraFlux ™ Ultrafiltration, IntegraPac ™ kai IntegraPac ™ Ultrafiltration Skids – that achieve high performance utilization of XP fibers.

More specifically, the technology includes:

Embedded PVDF fiber membranes in an external flow configuration with a nominal pore diameter of 0.03 microns.


  • Excellent choice for protecting processes such as RO.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Low energy and chemical consumption.
  • Successful removal of viruses, bacteria, suspended solids and water pathogens.
  • Certification by NSF International according to standard NSF / ANSI 61.
  • NSF / ANSI 419 LRV Certification.


UF units

You can select DOW series 26 and 28 or the newest IntegraFlux units with XP fibers that provide up to 35% higher permeability than previous generation units, improving the operating efficiency.

Upgrade your industrial or your city’s water production unit with the newest member of DOW IntegraFlux products, the UF Module UXA-2680XP. The highly permeable XP fiber of UXA 2680 provides innovative high consumption efficiency and low power consumption.

Product Module Membrane Area (m2) Fiber Data Sheet
 DOW IntegraFLUX Modules
77 High Permeability, XP Fiber
51 High Permeability, XP Fiber
UXA-2680XP 55 High Permeability, XP Fiber
 DOW IntegraFLUX Modules
77 Standard
51 Standard
33 Standard


UF Skids

DOW IntegraPac Skid units are available made and ready to be assembled. They integrate the technology DOW ™ IntegraPac, while you can purchase the IntegraPac individually, making the most of their top performance. Dow’s latest innovation includes IntegraPac units with embedded XP fibers, which provide up to 35% higher permeability than previous technologies.

Product # of Modules per Skid Module Membrane Area (m2) Fiber Module Data Sheet Skid Data Sheet
DOW IntegraPac™ Modules and Skids
6-22 77 High Permeability, XP Fiber
6-22 51 High Permeability, XP Fiber
6-22 77 Standard
6-22 51 Standard

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