Η Advice WaterTech offers industrial water treatment solutions through the following processes:

Our company’s chemical additives package helps to effectively protect your systems and meet your needs. More specifically:

Chemical additives for steam/hot water systems

  • Anti-corrosion & antifouling additives for boilers & steam generators
  • Polyphosphates
  • Polycarboxylates
  • Organophosphates (Phosphonates)
  • Polymeric dispersants & ligands

Anti-corrosion protection additives for steam condensate return lines

  • Oxygen bindings
  • pH correction additives
  • Surface film creation protectors
  • Cleaning chemicals for boilers, heat exchangers, evaporators, steam generators, steam/water networks

Open & Closed Recirculation Refrigeration Systems

  • Antifouling & Anti-corrosion protection additives for cooling towers and heat exchangers
  • Phosphonates
  • Polycarboxylates
  • Copper & iron alloy corrosion inhibitors

Microbicides & algicides of open/closed cooling systems, tanks & water or other liquid networks

  • Oxidizing biocides & chlorine donors
  • Non-oxidizing biocides
Flotation/sedimentation flocculants

Our highly trained staff offers to our customers full use of their investment, fully responsive to their latest requirements. The after sales service covers the maintenance needs of our units and provides any specialized technical assistance after the sale.

Do you know what suits your needs? Contact us at +302105593416 or at info@advicetech.gr, and our technical department staff will assist you!