Accurate dosing of chemicals is an important part of production processes of businesses. From drinking water and wastewater treatment to industrial processing in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food and beverage industries, the right amount of chemicals is important and helps to reduce the operating costs, while ensuring safety and reliability.

Grundfos pumps are built with high-tech systems, they are the ideal solution and enable their users to operate accurately, reliably and efficiently.

Pumps can be divided into:

SMART Digital S (dosing flow rate up to 120 l / h, pressure up to 16 bar, turn-down ratio up to 1: 3000)

SMART Digital XL (dosing flow up to 200 l / h, pressure up to 10 bar, turn-down ratio up to 1: 800)

The SMART Digital S DDA, DDC, DDE and SMART Digital XL DDA and DDE series are based on Grundfos’s proven Digital Dosing ™ technology.


  • Powerful variable speed motors,
  • Universal power supply and
  • Full PTFE aperture that meets the most demanding requirements for chemical resistance and durability.

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